My creative interests have always been varied since I was a 4 year old when I got my first box of Lego bricks.

Over the decades there have been many things I’ve made from wood, card, plastic, glass and mud – roadways, cars, planes, windows and dinosaurs, I’ve tried my hands at many things that interested my creativity.

In the 1980s I was collecting Art Deco and that carried on through into this century until in about 2005 when my eye turned to the style of my childhood, mid-century modern, and in particular Brutalism – those big concrete and glass forms that so many people love to hate.

My jewellery making began with me playing around with fold-forming copper which is great fun, then somewhere along the road Brutalism raised its head again and I have been hooked ever since – at last I have found my muse and its big, heavy, brutal and all together beautiful.

Then of course there are the gems. I love colour and from a very early age had a fascination with all types gems.

When I was young an uncle gave me a small plastic pot of rough diamonds, rubies and sapphires from his time in India:I still have today exactly as they were given to me.

I now cut and polish the gems I buy, and this gives me enormous satisfaction as I can size and shape them to fit with the aesthetic of the jewellery I’m making.

I hope that you enjoy my jewellery as much as I do and can see the joy I had while making each piece. If you’d like to let me know what you think I’d be delighted to hear what you have to say.




The studio is based in the farmyard of Applesham Farm which nestles on a hillside overlooking the river Adur in the ‘missing’ (it died out during the Black Plague) downland village of Coombes, West Sussex; just west of Brighton.

If you fancy visiting you are very welcome and you’ll most often find me there on a Saturday, but please phone (07796 141180) before turning up in case I’m out or running a workshop.

As well as being a jeweller I am the UK’s only Dalle de Verre glass specialist.