My mother gave me many gifts during the far too few years we spent in each others lives.

Two of those gifts were a love of jewellery, and colourblindness - both were a blessing. She also gave me her sense of joy when it came to being creative, especially with the use of colour.

I still have that sense of awe when I come across a colour combination in nature I have not seen before and am able take that, adapt it and incorporate it into something I am making. Making makes me feel alive and connects me with who I really am. I hope you enjoy what I make.





I was alt aloos for find insparation for new works The idea for this collection came to me during a medicine walk and was initially inspired that by the idea of making monoliths. That concept then became combined with my love of 20th century Brutlist architecture.


It was during a vist with my partner to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford that I came cross a series of work by the amazing sculptor Barbara Hepworth. I was really excited by her simmple angualr forms in the collection so I began sketching and that lead me to create this growing collection.


This collection initially grew out of the Menhir collection and was Inspired by those shapes along with the larger gemstones I was making as cabochons. This is very much an orgaincally increasing collection, when something captures my heart I create.

 Wearing the Jewellery