My mother gave me many gifts during the far too few years we spent in each others lives.

Two of those gifts were a love of jewellery, and colourblindness - both were a blessing. She also gave me her sense of joy when it came to being creative, especially with the use of colour.

I still have that sense of awe when I come across a colour combination in nature I have not seen before and am able take that, adapt it and incorporate it into something I am making. Making makes me feel alive and connects me with who I really am. I hope you enjoy what I make.





Initially inspired by the idea of monoliths that came to me during a medicine walk. that concept was then combined with my love of 20th century Brutlist architecture


Visiting the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford I came cross a series of work by the sculptor Barbara Hepworth. Sketching around that lead me to begin creating this collection with two brooches,


Fold-formed copper jewellery using the creative methods for manipulating metal by the Canadian Charlies Lewton-Brain. These organic forms reminded me of sea creatures from pre-history.



 Wearing the Jewellery

Bumblebee Jasper Double Menhir Brooch
Merlinite Flick Ring
Spectrolite Open Menhir Ring
Blue Martrix Boulder Opal Flick Ring
Rhodonote Outlinr Pendant
Lapis Lazuli Menhir Pendant