Glass Christmas Decorations

Ladies from the Ferring LighterLife group making their decorations

Ladies from the Ferring LighterLife group making their decorations


What you get

On Saturday 16th November 2019 I will be running two 3-hour workshops where you can come and make Christmas Decorations.  There will be a variety of designs to choose from (or create your own) and you are welcome to make as many as you can in that period.

The morning workshop will run from 10.00am to 1.00pm and the afternoon will run from 2.30pm to 5.30pm.  Each class is limited to just six attendees, so you’ll be assured of lots of attention and room to make lots of gorgeous stained glass Christmas decorations.

Book either – or if you want to get more time then book teh whole day. Simply use the link below and select your preferred booking. Morning or aftenoon, the cost is just £55.00 per person per session or it’s even better value at £99 for the full day. Book early to avoid disappointment, or you may prefer to start by calling David on 07796-141180 to find out about suitability and available places. Booking can be done using PayPal further down the page.

If you are a group of between four and six we can run a  workshop especially for you, again please call David to discuss your preferred date.


The workshop starts with a brief chat and a demonstration on how to cut, foil and solder glass. Students are then given a glass-cutter and scrap glass to practice with. Once students are accurately cutting glass, they begin creating their decorations. At this time the ease of each design will be discussed along with the choice of glass from the many different ones available. Students will then have the rest of the workshop to cut the glass, foil and solder the pieces together.

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