Sterling Silver Ring Workshop

Textured Sterling Silver blank ready to be made into a ring

Textured Sterling Silver blank ready to be made into a ring


What you get

You’ll end up making one Sterling Silver ring to fit whichever finger you wish to wear it on. If you prefer bring the size of a finger of a loved one and you can make a ring to that size. You can work the size out by bringing a ring they wear or just a piece of thin card that you’ve wrapped aroud the largest knuckle of the finger you wish to make the ring for.


The day starts at 10.00am with tea or coffee and goodies and a brief chat and look through some samples pieces made by David This is followed by a demonstration of how to manipulate and texture sterling silver and do some basic metal folding using some of the methods devised by the Canadian Charles Lewton-Brain. You are then shown how to use various tools and finally solder your ring together and finish it with a variety in a variety of ways. Students are then given a range of tools, and a piece of sterling silver to work with.

The methods of working the silver includes forging using hammers and other tools and possibly manipulating the silver with your hands. You’ll be heating the metal with a blow-torch between the cold-working. The hot metal is quenched in Pickle (a diluted sulphuric acid) and then water after each heating and then manipulated further towards the desired shape.  Students are encouraged to begin by designing their ring before starting to work on their piece of silver, so bring a skecth book with you.

The day concludes at 1.00pm, but extends through to when each student finishes their project – and they get to go home wearing their ring!

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