Fold-Formed Copper Workshop

fold-formed copper

What you get

This workshop is designed for everyone who has no knowledge or skill of metal fold-forming but who wants to try their hand – but beware it can be a noisy day (even wearing ear-defenders). The cost for the day is £99.00 and includes use of tools and all the materials needed. There are a maximum of six places on each course and they usually run on a Saturday from August through to June. Book early to avoid disappointment, or you may prefer to start by calling David on 07796-141180 to find out about suitability and available places. Booking can be done using PayPal further down the page.

If you are a group of between four and six we can run a metal fold-forming workshop especially for you, again please call David to discuss your preferred date.


The day starts at 10.00am with a brief chat and look through some samples pieces made by David, followed by a demonstration of how to do some basic metal folding using some of the methods devised by the Canadian Charles Lewton-Brain. Students are then given a range of tools, copper and brass sheet to work with.

The methods of working the metal include forging with hammers and hands and heating the metal with blow-torches between the cold-working.  The hot metal is quenched in water after each heating and manipulated further towards the desired shape.  Students are encouraged to just play at the beginning rather than attempting specific outcomes until they become familiar with the tools and how the metal responds to being worked. Students will also be using Pickle (a diluted sulphuric acid) to clean their work before finally colouring it with the application of heat, patina or inks.

The morning continues with experimentation and students can stop for lunch any time they wish as they all work at their own pace. There are two pubs and other places to eat 10 minutes down the road in Steyning, or you can bring food to eat in at the studio. In warm weather, you can sit outside and enjoy the view across the Adur valley. After lunch, we look at what each student has created in the morning and discuss what they fancy making in the afternoon as finished items.  This might be a vessel, a piece of jewellery, mobile or more.   The day concludes at 4.00pm and they get to go home with what they made!

Workshop Dates